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Privatization of the Miel Factory store


Miel Factory offers you the privatization of its boutique rue de Sévigné: atypical, authentic, it is located in the heart of the historic Marais district, close to the oldest place in Paris, place des Vosges. 

This small luminous case recalls the universe of the hive; the wall, gilded with copper leaf, was created by the artist Sophia Kalil. 

The Miel Factory honey shop welcomes and hosts your events around the discovery and tasting of honeys on a theme of your choice. 

Give a creative image to your business through a sharing of flavors and scents in an original place that combines conviviality and discovery. 

The most misunderstood honeys, food and honey pairings, the meeting of honey and scent ... we create with you a unique moment.

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La boutique Miel Factory

Miel Factory makes theme boxes for your corporate gifts around citrus fruits, French terroirs, orchards, flavors of the world... many variations are possible to create the box of your choice.

Choose an original and authentic gift formula with our boxes created specifically for you.

Miel Factory puts all its know-how in the selection of its honeys and guarantees you an exceptional product which will be very appreciated by its recipients:

-The choice: we make your thematic boxes according to your aspirations, from a collection of more than 40 different honeys

-Tailor-made: we compose with you your gift according to your budget, the event, your recipients

-Personalization: we insert in your boxes and parcels your business cards, personalized messages, greetings

-The delivery: we ship and track your gifts in France and Europe 

Let's create together the service that combines your research with our know-how around honey and its flavors. 


A vector of communication, the gift can take the form of a tasting product and more particularly an exceptional honey.

On the occasion of an event, for your business gifts or to mark the launch of a product, the personalized gift takes on its full meaning.

We offer customization to your brand of your honey boxes from over 40 different types of honey, from the most classic like lavender honey or acacia honey, to the most original like Avocado honey or Rhododendron honey.

Let's compose together the personalized product that will be the ambassador of your values ​​and your image.

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